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Aero Peek Click through script March 2, 2011

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Microsoft sucks.  So I made this. Enjoy. Requires Autohotkey.

; Aero Peek Clickthrough
; Author:         Jordan Klassen
; Script Function:
;	Template script (you can customize this template by editing "ShellNew\Template.ahk" in your Windows folder)

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% 
SetControlDelay -1

tout:= False

#IfWinExist ahk_class LivePreview
    MouseGetPos , PosX, PosY,
    ControlFocus , SysListView321, Program Manger
    if tout {
        tout:= False
        ControlSend , SysListView321, {Enter}, Program Manager,,,
        ; PostMessage , 0x203, 0, PosX&0xFFFF | PoxY<<16, SysListView321 ; WM_LBUTTONDBLCLCK
    else {
    tout:= True
    SetTimer , resetTimeout, -300
        ControlClick , SysListView321, Program Manager,,,,x %PosX% y %PosY% D

#LButton Up::
    MouseGetPos , PosX, PosY,
    ControlClick , SysListView321, Program Manager,,,,x %PosX% y %PosY% U
    MouseGetPos , PosX, PosY,
    ControlClick , SysListView321, Program Manager,,,2 ,x %PosX% y %PosY% NA
    ; ControlClick2 ( PosX, PosY, Program Manager,,,)

tout := False

Epiphany. November 19, 2010

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While listening to the most recent Radiolab Podcast this morning, I had an epiphany unlike any of my other previous epiphanies.

I suggest you listen to it.

And if you really want an explanation, talk to me in person.

I had heard about those books before and I’d really like to read them sometime.

One of the lines that really hit me was: “When we make something that declares to us, ‘I am a child of God,’  what’s our response to it?”


Protected: What Does Technology Want?

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Concerts October 13, 2010

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While writing that last post, I figured I was musing about other recent experiences I’d like to remember: specifically those two awesome concerts I went to two weekends ago.

Tokyo Police Club @ The Commodore

So, as a solo-concert-going virgin, this was not as I had expected.  I was a wee bit tipsy, as I had come straight from Annika’s birthday party.  But since I’m overly self-concious, I did the straight line test, and I aced it.  No clue what being drunk feels like, and that’s my only metric.  Delicious food there too.  Annika, you host a great party.

Anyways, on to the concert.   Matt said to show up 30 min after doors open, but music still didn’t start for another hour.  Bought some swag, I wanted a shirt and I remember that when I wanted a DCFC shirt a while back, (?) Craig said that they had all sold out by the end of the show.  Wandered around a lot, felt really awkward.  The atmosphere seemed to expect you to not have come alone.

We Are The City opened.  I had never heard them before, but Matt said they were good, and put on a good live show, so I found a spot close.  But they sucked.  It just felt like noise.  Seriously.  I was glad when it was over.  My ears did not like it.

After a good half hour or so intermission, the Arkells played.  I had liked their music when I first listened to them, but once when I played one of their songs in Matt’s car, he really had a bad opinion of it, so I hadn’t listened to them since; just never put them on the rockbox.  But I’ve also stopped listening to Matt’s musical advice as well.

I really liked them.  Didn’t get close since my ears still hurt.  And I wish I knew some more of their songs.  They had a huge band, and even brought on a couple of the TPC’ers to perform for their last song.

And finally, the meat of the meal: Tokyo police club

I tried to get as close of a spot as possible, because I thought that being close would be awesome, and it is.  Although I spent a lot of the time keeping my ground against being knocked over from the moshers, I still really enjoyed the music.  Can’t really describe it with words.  And I got a drumstick, that was sweeeet.

As an encore, they played a cover of My Name Is Jonas and Cheer It On.

After the concert, I was kinda amazed at how busy Granville is at 1:00am.  Crazy clubbers.  Hitched a ride on the Canada Line, talked to a girl named Neruda or Nerita (can’t remember for sure).  Traded stories.  And then I walked home from Cambie, giddy as ever.  Too giddy to fall asleep, so I updated the Church’s website while I was awake.

Land of Talk @ the Biltmore

The Biltmore is awesome.  Super Chill.  Nice and close, one bus.

Hipsters are hilarious.  So much Pabst Blue Ribbon, cheapest American beer ever.

Met a guy from Montreal who saw Land Of Talk there.  Looked 24, is 30.  Talked about the different cities and how in Vancouver, all of the races split into their own racially segregated groups but they mix in Montreal.

First up was Rah Rah, from Saskatchwan.  Really sweet live performance, so good that I bought their CD after, and it’s just as good.

Met a guy who has a bad back (needs to sit on this thing at the front) and comes to see concerts at the Biltmore even though he has to pay though the nose for a cab to get back home.  Pretty hilarious.

Next up was Suuns, a wierd electronica band, OK, but not something I would stand up close for.  Sounded a lot better while chilling in one of the booths.

Met a girl who recommended Bettie Servert.  Thought she said Betty Surfer.  Some people were dancing to this sweet Animal Collective song during the intermission.

And Land of Talk.  But really, just Elisabeth Powell and the Suuns.  I wish it was the entire band, but it was still really good.  She started with Cloak and Cipher, but with just Guitar.  I really wanted her to play Summer Special and Give Me Back My Heart Attack, I got one of those.  Still was really awesome, had a really good time.

And now to play some Civ4.


Day 2 of dailyness.

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I forgot about how uneventful regular school days are.  Yup.

Woke up earlier than usual today, with a reason: I really hadn’t prepared much for that in class essay for CMPT 320.  I mean, I had read Searle’s paper on his argument (against Strong AI having understanding) but I hadn’t written anything on paper yet.  So, I had breakfast, headed up to the hill 45 minutes early, and started on organizing some thoughts.  Had 310, more about minimax searching for AI solving of board games.

Then two more hours of no class, so I prepped more, ate lunch; finished a decent outline and had a solid concrete of the main topics with time to spare, so I headed over to see how UCM’ers were doing.  Said hi, told Ryn about the Grover-Sesame Street Old Spice thing, helped with a cranium game, saw a jenga tower fall.

In class essay went well, 371 after that, I pulled my laptop out as usual since I don’t really need to take notes in that class(powerpoint on website) and I had already read the chapter dealing with the topic(reliable data transfer) a few weeks ago.  And whaddya know, another coop interview, and one where I would have a very flexible option on scheduling.  Finished up internet’ing whilst glancing at the ppt slides, headed home.

Took the metrotown path this time through, and the line for the 49 bus was really long, luckily the 430 showed up at the same time as the 49, so I got a seat and got home quickly enough.

Supper, and youth.  The young’ns were rowdy as usual, but more well behaved than usual during sharing since we had guests. Good games, didn’t remind Kyle to bring snack, so he didn’t bring it. Hmmm. Need to get on top of making that schedule; also need to get Tim to get a concrete list of the youth so I can do that.

Also, last night’s hockey game did not go well.  Played a team who hasn’t lost or even tied yet, and we’re in a division higher than usual.  Smoked, 8 to 1.  I think my +/- was only -2 though.


Today October 12, 2010

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Today begins a series where I try to blog every day about what happened.  Kinda like a journal, but public.  It’s not like anybody reads this anyways.

So, today was fun.  Had 2 Co-op Job interviews, they went decently well.  But of course, that’s from my point of view.  I have no clue about who I look to any of these employers because I don’t really have much concrete experience to pull from, just a lot of potential; but that’s all it is, potential.  Although neither of the places were downtown so they took quite a while to get to via transit.  Met another guy who was like 40 looking for jobs while waiting for one bus.

Stopped at the library too to return “33 1/3: ok computer”.  I also picked up beautiful code again and also a sql book, cuz I need to learn databases for most coop jobs.

Took a nap when I got home.  Odd how after being sleepy on the bus, it still takes a while to get sleepy again while lying down.

And now I have a hockey game.  Hope it goes well.  I need to get in shape so I actually have some stamina when I play, but I can’t find the time to work out between all of my other preoccupations.



The one buzzword I hate the most January 9, 2010

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Technology.  Not when the word is used in the proper sense, like stem cell technology, but when it’s used in retarded marketing, like hair enriching formula technology.  Or mouthwash technology.  Or tampon technology.

Yeah… it’s pretty retarded.